Helping our clients grow sustainably is at the core of everything we do. Growth takes different paths and many forms. Often, in order to grow quickly and compete in an ever-changing marketplace, a company may deviate from the original vision in ways that lead to frustration and fragmented strategies. While pivoting and expanding core offerings can be great strategies for a company’s growth, we believe that sustainable growth is achieved by maintaining the company’s vision and augmenting to-date successes in a strategic, intentional and controlled process. When a company’s leadership is having difficulty seeing the forest through the trees, we bring big-picture and tactical guidance that can save considerable time and money.

We help our clients identify their strengths, pinpoint areas in the business that require attention and improvement, and identify potential new market opportunities. We collaborate with our clients to develop improvement strategies and add products and services that will boost overall revenue and performance objectives—both short-term and long-term. We work with our clients as an execution partner beyond the planning and development phase to introduce new sales channels, capital sources, product strategies, and top talent.



An acquisition can be a fast and lucrative way to add new products and services to a company’s current offering. However, executing a successful acquisition deal requires a team of knowledgeable people and the right resources. Our team works exclusively on buy-side deals, and we provide the right solution to companies that cannot or do not wish to hire an in-house team. We help our clients determine what they need both financially and personnel-wise to perform a successful acquisition process. We then identify the appropriate targets, contact them on our client’s behalf, perform due diligence on candidates, and negotiate the deal to a successful close. We also provide acquisition success factor recommendations and change management consulting if requested.



Alternative lending is a fast-growing and constantly-changing industry that we understand well. We work with alternative lenders that service all industries in a variety of ways, from brokering new institutional capital relationships to helping lenders better identify their niche, developing strategies for origination growth, and building platforms to scale. We work with our extensive network of family offices, hedge funds, and foundations to identify worthy investment opportunities in the alternative lending industry and help connect these funding sources with companies and platforms that need lendable capital. In short, we help put underutilized capital to work by creating long-term partnerships between investors and lenders.